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Hi there!

This is AO3 user intimacies. I'm super excited for this exchange, and I hope you are, too! What's most important to me is that you, dear gifter, have fun with whatever you choose to create–if you had fun writing it, then I'll have fun reading it. 

So, I'm just going to outline some general likes/dislikes to bounce off from if you'd like, as well as my list of requests for ease of reference. I'm totally fine with NSFW stuff too, if that's the path you wanna follow (and if you don't wanna, that's super cool too)! The only thing I ask is that you please respect my 'dislikes/do not wants' list, and I look forward to seeing what you create C:

Thanks for reading, & have a lovely day 

[SFW] likes:
  • experimental or unconventional writing style or structure
  • ambiguous or open relationships and endings
  • the idea of distance, physical or otherwise
  • dreams
  • light imagery, flower allusions/language
  • found family & caretaking
  • power dynamics/loyalty
  • POV outsider......also somewhat partial to POV first person, honestly.
  • [if applicable to fandom] social media
  • curtain fic! the in-betweens, the slice of life, the everyday before The Days
  • magical realism, temporal shenanigans

[SFW] dislikes:
  • major character death that isn't canonical
  • characters outright saying "i love you"
  • angst for the sake of angst or unexplained/unjustified angst  (unresolved or unhappy endings are fine, however. I enjoy having my heart broken on the regular, why do I lack self-preservation instincts, etc etc)
  • jealousy/infidelity that isn't canonical and/or is used as a plot device
  • on the subject of AU's: love 'em, but not very fond of coffeeshop, cafe, or highschool/college AUs (unless they're actually working/studying in these places, which....wouldn't be an AU, actually.) Please no conventional soulmate AUs either, please!*
* subverting or diverging from playing the trope straight are–well. I'm Really Into these things.

[NSFW] likes:
  • oral sex, teasing/edging/overstimulation, orgasm delay, breathplay (with hands only, though), powerplay (D/s, pet play, roleplay), hickies, praise kink, dirty talk.......hands
  • friends to benefits (whether or not it develops into romance)

[NSFW] dislikes:
  • daddy kink, watersports, rape/non-con, mpreg

requests, per fandom:

(gen or shippy or anything in between is fine, unless otherwise specified!)

BIRDMEN - 田辺イェロウ | Tanabe Yellow
  • Karasuma Eishi/Takayama Sou
Leader/second-in-command dynamics fascinate me, but what I'm most taken with about Karasuma and Takayama is how they are constantly exchanging authority/responsibility with each other. For all that Takayama is the catalyst and frontline for the bird club, he believes in and has faith that Karasuma's their leader–yet at the same time, he eggs Karasuma on, and has no qualms with challenging or outright going against Karasuma's opinion when their opinions clash (or, you know, Takayama doesn't let Karasuma in on whatever he's thinking. Which in itself is....very good.).

Meanwhile, Karasuma is pragmatic without being cynical, for all that he tries to seem like one. He wants friends but can't stand the idea of setting himself up for disappointment; he dislikes leadership but constantly seeks out and takes care of his companions. Karasuma initially appears to be the more logic-driven between the two of them, but when it comes down to it, Karasuma's loyalty stems from attachment and affection, whereas Takayama's stems from–charisma? Potential? Who even knows, really. But they stand out to each other, a back-and-forth magnetism that carries their whole group forward, and that's the constant. Also the interview with Tanabe about how their characters were conceptualised to complement each other, thank you for my life FOREVER.

  • Arthur C Phoenix/Robin Howard
Arthur/Robin, on the other hand, is this precisely painful brand of requited-but-never-manifested. Arthur is bright and charming but his gentleness around Robin was really lovely. Robin is drawn towards him even as she skirts away from the group–she's uncertain of herself but not of Arthur, and Arthur lets himself show weakness with her, to them they're only each other, nothing more or less.

The way Robin shuts herself away after Arthur's death really gets to me, because it's not any less impersonal than she was before, only this time she's walled her own feelings away, too: Arthur only ever wanted her to be herself, and that was enough, but now he's gone and she doesn't want to be just herself, anymore, because how could that ever be enough? Robin's current state is simultaneously haunted by what will never be, and resigned to what–who–she must now be.

Yuri!!! on ICE (Anime)
  • Lilia Baranovskaya/Okukawa Minako
Okay, so, the similarities between these two ladies is arresting, especially in light of how differently their decisions diverged from each other. Lilia's the former prima of the Bolshoi ballet and Minako the recipient of a Benois de la Danse but where Lilia presumably remains within the fold of dance, prestigious and so deliberately put-together, Minako no longer travels the world and runs a bar in her hometown because she barely has any students to teach, anymore.

I'm intrigued by what they were, or might've been to each other once, and where they could stand now. Both of them are mentor figures to figure skaters, too, and the contrasts are really interesting to observe: Lilia agreed to teach Yuri (the rising protege of her ex-husband) ballet because Yuri wants to win, because Yuri will re-invent himself as many times as necessary, because Lilia nurtures beauty and Yuri holds himself like art; Minako taught Yuuri (the son of her longtime friend and former fellow dancer) dance since he was a child, and watched him grow up between dance and skating, one love to another, following after his idol/ideal Viktor, while never quite allowing himself to accept and believe the love and support he is constantly surrounded by, because he cannot quite believe in himself.

Lilia and Minako have walked close but never quite shared circles for years and years, and any point at which they do (or don't) intersect feel so, so full of potential to me.

长歌行 | Cháng Gē Xíng | Song of the Long March
  • Ashina Sun & Mujin
Ashina and Mujin's faith in each other before and above everyone else–superiors, the men under their jurisdiction–gets me really, really hard. I enjoy the contrast between Ashina as this incredibly competent warrior and strategist, but in almost every other context he defaults to Mujin's opinion, when Mujin's role is technically second-in-command. And how none of this is obvious in public, but in private it's like watching best friends or incredibly close brothers ;___;

I think one of the most telling moments about their relationship is how Mujin covered Ashina's absence when Ashina went on his soul-searching trip in search of his birth family for "no longer than 6 months, or I'll kill you myself before the Khan ever finds you," but when the Khan did send a man after Ashina, Mujin totally went out to kill him (putting himself at risk for treason) to keep Ashina safe.

(Except Ashina returns as Mujin's chasing him, and Ashina knocks out the guy without knowing anything except that if Mujin was out to get him, that was reason enough to take someone out, god.)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
  • Jack Atlas/Fudou Yusei/Crow Hogan, Jack Atlas/Fudou Yusei/Crow Hogan/Izayoi Aki, Jack Atlas/Fudou Yusei/Crow Hogan/Kiryu Kyousuke, Jack Atlas/Crow Hogan
Or: Kizuna in various permutations, adding or subtracting friends. I live for the knowledge that Jack/Yusei/Crow grew up together but even when they drifted apart they never grew apart, they're constantly returning to each other, moving forward parallel to or beside each other.
I'm curious how Aki would factor into their dynamic, how she fits into their group but is obviously most close to Yusei, and isn't that similar to how Kiryu was, too? Not like Team Satisfaction ended particularly well, and Aki isn't Kiryu but the ripples that remain in Kiryu's absence are interesting to think about. Or even the days when Kiryu was around, and everything appeared within reach, however naively. 

Then, of course, Jack and Crow, duellists at heart (Yusei is a duellist, too, but there's a difference between excelling at something and wanting, needing to keep going at something). The banter that's never without affection, or exasperation, and the way they operate on the same wavelength that is similar to, but not exactly the same as, the way the function when they're with Yusei.
신의 탑 | Tower of God
  • Sachi Faker
I wish I had something more comprehensive to say than 'I saw Sachi and immediately thirsted' but. That's exactly all I have to say, oops. The difference between how he's known as this dangerous ticket stealer, one of the strongest D-class regulars, against how he is around people he knows, just a man who made a mistake once and returns to the train year in & out trying to atone for it.

Anything that explores his time in the Tower away from Hell Train squad, like when he first encounters Hockney, would be really interesting! Or even his adventures with Hell Train squad, before-/during-/after- the incident with Hoaquin.

....Or, you know. There's something to be said about a beautiful man with dubiously forbidden magic that manifests as rose vines, thorns included. You know.

  • Anak Zahard Sr./Garam Zahard, Eurasia Enne Zahard/Garam Zahard
I'm super partial to the princess politics in the tower! The doomed but enduring affection Garam keeps for Anak Sr., enough to take her child under her wing after Anak's passing, even though staying with Garam would've kept Anak Sr. by Garam's side, instead. How Garam is wistful but never resentful, alone but never quite lonely, is lovely and sad and I'd love to see more about it.

  • Daniel Hatchid/Roen Yuia, Evan Edrok/Ha Yuri Zahard, Ha Jinsung/Koon Aguero Agnes
Daniel/Roen is another requited-but-never-manifested, because I evidently don't love myself I suppose. There's something simultaneously sweet and Bonnie-and-Clyde-esque about the fact that what finally bridged the distance between them is what separated them, in the end. Daniel wanted to protect Roen more than he cared for maintaining the status quo, a sentiment that lasts and lasts, even after Roen sacrificed herself because she felt the same. 

The loyalty to each other that surpasses the belonging in Hell Train squad ;____;

('Thank you, Daniel–right now, I'm so in love that I'm not afraid of death.' / 'I don't hate you for saving me, I hate you for stopping me from dying with her.' / 'Thank you, and I love you, too....That's the first thing I ever wanted to tell you, if you cam back.'

  • Evan Edrok/Ha Yuri Zahard, Ha Jinsung/Koon Aguero Agnes
Evan and Yuri are–I find them intriguing. Like, they work together because Yuri needs a guide and Evan is one of the best, but. Everyone enters the tower because they want something, but whatever that something is, Evan can't remember it anymore, yet Yuri still looks at him and sees the same person she's always known, always climbed the tower with. And Yuri drives Evan up the wall, he's constantly warning her against questionable life choices, but even when he's not obliged to–and is, in fact, obligated to report some of her actions–he doesn't only go along with her, but actively advises and assists her. Their dynamic functions around the assumption that they never say, but trust in: they will stick together.

Okay, there is technically no reason to slot Jinsung/Koon in the same bullet point but quite frankly 85% of my Jinsung/Koon wishlist is fucky mentorship, porn optional. Jinsung holds none of the devotion and esteem for Koon that he has for Baam, but there is a recognition there, of sorts. These two competent, coldly logical individuals drawn to a bright, bright person. However, where Jinsung has come to terms with what he wants and what he's willing to do to obtain that, Koon isn't, and the gap in experience and self-acceptance is startling, potentially devastating and always filled with potential. Also, y'know, I think about [Jinsung voice] didn't your father ever teach you manners? and then [Koon voice] Sorry, I'm an abandoned child, so I was never Please, god, educate him.

 ボールルームへようこそ | Ballroom e Youkoso
  • Hiyama Chinatsu/Koumoto Akira
The buildup and breakdown of Akira and Chinatsu's friendship is heartbreaking in how relatable and easy to envision it is. Chinatsu as this new, beautiful girl in Akira's class who never considers why they shouldn't be friends, why Akira wouldn't love dance, or dancing with Chinatsu. But that's exactly it–Akira doesn't love dance, but she loves Chinatsu, and even while they're looking at each other they're also looking past each other. Holding on for keeps but in a way that's stifling, and in the fallout they take it out on each other because how do you rationalise selfish reasons behind hanging on to someone when you care about that someone just as badly?
Perhaps in another world, or in another time, they'll be something kinder to and for each other. You see hints of it, too, in their banter and the way they look at each other even now and–but not understand, not yet, but they could, and that isn't nothing.