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Hi there!

This is AO3 user intimacies. I'm super excited for this exchange, and I hope you are, too! What's most important to me is that you, dear gifter, have fun with whatever you choose to create–if you had fun writing it, then I'll have fun reading it. 

So, I'm just going to outline some general likes/dislikes to bounce off from if you'd like, as well as my list of requests for ease of reference. I'm totally fine with NSFW stuff too, if that's the path you wanna follow (and if you don't wanna, that's super cool too)! The only thing I ask is that you please respect my 'dislikes/do not wants' list, and I look forward to seeing what you create C:

Thanks for reading, & have a lovely day 

[SFW] likes:
  • experimental or unconventional writing style or structure
  • ambiguous or open relationships and endings
  • the idea of distance, physical or otherwise
  • dreams
  • light imagery, flower allusions/language
  • found family & caretaking
  • power dynamics/loyalty
  • POV outsider......also somewhat partial to POV first person, honestly.
  • [if applicable to fandom] social media
  • curtain fic! the in-betweens, the slice of life, the everyday before The Days
  • magical realism, temporal shenanigans

[SFW] dislikes:
  • major character death that isn't canonical
  • characters outright saying "i love you"
  • angst for the sake of angst or unexplained/unjustified angst  (unresolved or unhappy endings are fine, however. I enjoy having my heart broken on the regular, why do I lack self-preservation instincts, etc etc)
  • jealousy/infidelity that isn't canonical and/or is used as a plot device
  • on the subject of AU's: love 'em, but not very fond of coffeeshop, cafe, or highschool/college AUs (unless they're actually working/studying in these places, which....wouldn't be an AU, actually.)

requests, per fandom:

(gen or shippy or anything in between is fine, unless otherwise specified!)

1. Dorohedoro

Noi, Shin

I'm honestly so drawn to Noi and Shin's relationship, and how they're so important to each other, they'd take a bullet for the other without flinching–but at the same time, constantly let the other walk into danger because they understand and trust and know what makes the other person tick that well? Any prompts I can think of are mainly canon-verse, but honestly, I'd be super interested at what an AU might make of their dynamic, so it's all up to you!

2. Night World - L.J. Smith

Ash Redfern, Blaise Harman*

I love....emotionally repressed characters that can't help letting their feelings bleed through anyway (if not in the healthiest ways). Something that explores their characters, or delves into–or deliberately walks around–things they won't acknowledge to themselves would be really lovely! 

* Please no romance between Ash and Blaise, please! Including only one or both of them in a gift is cool either way, though.

3. Chang Ge Xing | Song of the Long March
Ashina Sun, Mujin

Ashina and Mujin are a leader-and-second dynamic I'm very fond of! The way Mujin defers to Ashina without pause on the battlefield, but Ashina leaving everything else up to however Mujin says is....a lot. So is the fact that he's The Ideal Right Hand Man in public, but more of an exasperated-but-fond brother in private. They've grown up together, and even before their troops or superiors, they're loyal to each other :")

Honestly, I'd be eternally grateful for any content of the two of them whatsoever, gen or romo or somewhere in between. That said, I also don't mind if you wanted to include Chang Ge into the mix, considering Ashina's truly unsubtle pining, lol. Absolutely not required, though!!! Just trying to cover my bases. So long as the focus is still on Ashina or Mujin (or both), anything goes.


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